Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Baby Bel

Baby Bel decided she wanted to climb into Gavin's saucer and she actually played and played and had a blast, so much fun, in fact, that I couldn't convince her to get out to have a nap, and didn't have the heart to force it (choose your battles), so she ended up having her nap in the saucer. She has also reverted back to the crib, which makes it hard for me to transition Gavin into it, until she decides she wants to sleep in her "big girl bed" again. She has been talking about monsters and ghosts in her closet, so I figure it's best to let her get over that first before I force her to sleep in Collin's room in her big girl bed again...on top of which, Gavin much prefers his bouncer to any other sleeping surface...ah the joys of parenting...will I ever have a full night's rest again? But they are definitely worth it...they are soooo cute and how can I tell them that cuddling is against the rules when it's bedtime...I know that if I don't take advantage of those moments when they still want to cuddle me, I'll regret it. They're only babies once. Gotta love it!!!