Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Isabel's Pretty Pink Cast

So Isabel has a pretty pink cast that she picked out (no hesitation, they gave her a key ring full of colors, and she chose pink in 2 seconds). The cast goes from her hip all the way to her toes. She doesn't need surgery, just had to have the specialist look at it to make sure it was set right. The instacare put a splint along the back of her leg with a soft cast around the whole leg. The surgeon had his nurses put a hard cast on this morning at a 90 degree angle at her knee. The angle is so she won't try to put weight on it or walk on it. She is kind of freaking out, she's already asked us to take it off several times. She doesn't understand why she can't stand up or walk. This should be an interesting 4 weeks with this cast, then 2-3 more weeks with a walking cast. They will x-ray it again this coming Wed to make sure it's set right. Lots of sponge baths and movies, books, and ice cream. We'll get through it...this too shall pass.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Our little princess checking out who is the fairest of them all. She is just like her name, belle, Beautiful. This week she has been so tough. She had an ear infection, then a fever for a week, then a weird rash. She was finally feeling better and up for going to the park, and then she went down the slide with mommy and got her leg caught between mommy and the slide and broke it. She really is tough. She has a cast on and we're going to see an orthopedic surgeon in the morning, I guess just to make sure it's set right and that it will heal properly. The doctor at the instacare we took her to just wanted to make sure an expert looked at the x-rays and made sure all was well. I guess they're really careful with little ones because of growth plates. It was a "complex break" as he put it. We'll keep you all updated as soon as we know more.

Collin's latest

Alex Freeman: I have the movie Casper the Friendly Ghost
Collin: Oh, well, did you know that if you lose toys in the forest or get lost, you just have to call the Holy Ghost?
Alex: Well Casper is a friendly ghost.
Collin: So all we have to do is find a phone in the forest and call the Holy Ghost, and he'll pick up another phone and say, Hey I'll be right there.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mr. Wiggles

This is my Mr. Wiggles showing off his "manly" pink sunglasses he got from Jacob Arvidson's birthday party a few weeks ago. He was so proud to wear them to the library and then put them safely back in his Lightning MacQueen party bag. This was such a classic smile, I just had to share! Love to all!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Royalty on Ice

These are my two adorable kids all ready to head out the door to Disney Princess Wishes on Ice at the "Energy Solutions" Center a.k.a. Delta Center, as I know it. They were sooooo excited! Two favorite parts of the evening were 1) At intermission when we went to get some popcorn (yes I spoiled them, we went for ice cream afterward too) a little girl pointed at Collin and said, "Mommy, it's Prince Charming." He turned to her and said, "No, I'm the King." and 2) When Isabel saw all the other lovely little princesses running everywhere, she said, "oh mommy, all the princesses like me"! We had so much fun on our date. The three of us went to the show while daddy stayed home with baby G and was such a good sport. The two of them need to spend more time together 1 on 1 anyway. He did a great job and Gavin was so happy to see his brother and sister and mommy again when we got back. Love you little royal kiddos!

Our little Angel Boy

Isn't he gorgeous! He's snuggling his fluffly green bunny that Grandma Lange gave him for Christmas. He is such a ham. He loves to smile for Collin and Isabel especially, but he gives mommy some pretty awesome grins!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We love sleepy kids!

It's so sweet when they're sleeping, they look so peaceful. The silence is nice too. But mostly I just love to capture my gorgeous kids (isn't it fun to brag on our blogs?) while they're sleeping. I tried to find a sleepy one of Collin, but he doesn't nap anymore, so it's hard to catch him. I just think they're soooo cute!

Mohawk Mega Muncher!

My mohawk boy ate a huge bowl of rice cereal today and the whole time just grinned and giggled. He is soooo excited to be a big boy and eat "real" food. He doesn't realize how nasty it is probably. Boston Stout could tell him, he prefers oatmeal, which in my opinion is not much better, but they have to start somewhere I guess. Isn't that grin sweet! I'm hoping the added calories will help him sleep longer for me, we'll see. I love my little messy face boy!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Collin's 4 going on 13

Some of the conversations I've had with Collin lately make me think that I'm really in for it when he becomes a teenager. Already he's decided that he knows a lot more about the world than I do, and he sets me straight. Just some fun facts that he shared with me this week:

"Mom, did you know that big spiders have 8 legs, but little spiders only have 5."
"Well, Collin, actually all spiders have 8 legs, there's even a scientific name for them: arachnids, and did you know that most spiders have 8 eyes too?" (I was ready for him, you see lol)
"Oh, well mom, did you know that little spiders actually have 5 legs" (choose your battles, wink)

"Mom I think Earth is really the biggest planet, not Jupiter"
"Oh really, who told you that?"
"Nobody, I saw it in my book, and Earth is bigger"
"Well in the book, because Jupiter is far away, it probably looked smaller"
"No, mom, Earth is bigger, my book says its bigger"

"Mom, did you know that caterpillars make green houses and have a big sleep and then they come out as beautiful butterflys?"
"That's right, Collin, that's so smart!"
"But mom did you notice that moths are like butterflys?"
"Yes, that's true, good job noticing!"
"But did you know mom, that inchworms inch...they don't crawl mom, they inch"
"Oh really, I didn't know that!" ;) (he was so proud that he had me stumped)

"Mom did you know that at a traffic light you need to slow down when it turns yellow?"
"That's right Collin, because the light turns yellow before it turns red, when we need to stop"
"Yeah, so why did you go fast?" (He definitely had me that time)

"Mom, I just needed to tell you something"
"What do you need honey?"
"Well, when babies are ready to come to our house your belly gets big and you get very tired"
LOL "That's right buddy, when mommy is busy making a new baby, she gets very tired" (why do we always end up speaking in 3rd person with our kids?)
"Well, so then you go the hospital and the doctor pulls the baby out and they come home with us"
"That's right kiddo"

"Mom, you know what?"
"What honey?"
"I just need to say that I love you so much! You are the best mom ever!" (That's what makes it all worth it right there!!!)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Gavin rolling and rolling

This picture was taken a few months ago, when Gavin was first experimenting with rolling. I have some film footage now of him rolling from front to back and back to front and even doing 360's on his back and belly. I have yet to learn how to upload the video, so patience everyone. I will get them on here eventually. But it's official...Gavin can roll both directions with ease now. They grow up so fast!