Thursday, March 6, 2008

Collin's 4 going on 13

Some of the conversations I've had with Collin lately make me think that I'm really in for it when he becomes a teenager. Already he's decided that he knows a lot more about the world than I do, and he sets me straight. Just some fun facts that he shared with me this week:

"Mom, did you know that big spiders have 8 legs, but little spiders only have 5."
"Well, Collin, actually all spiders have 8 legs, there's even a scientific name for them: arachnids, and did you know that most spiders have 8 eyes too?" (I was ready for him, you see lol)
"Oh, well mom, did you know that little spiders actually have 5 legs" (choose your battles, wink)

"Mom I think Earth is really the biggest planet, not Jupiter"
"Oh really, who told you that?"
"Nobody, I saw it in my book, and Earth is bigger"
"Well in the book, because Jupiter is far away, it probably looked smaller"
"No, mom, Earth is bigger, my book says its bigger"

"Mom, did you know that caterpillars make green houses and have a big sleep and then they come out as beautiful butterflys?"
"That's right, Collin, that's so smart!"
"But mom did you notice that moths are like butterflys?"
"Yes, that's true, good job noticing!"
"But did you know mom, that inchworms inch...they don't crawl mom, they inch"
"Oh really, I didn't know that!" ;) (he was so proud that he had me stumped)

"Mom did you know that at a traffic light you need to slow down when it turns yellow?"
"That's right Collin, because the light turns yellow before it turns red, when we need to stop"
"Yeah, so why did you go fast?" (He definitely had me that time)

"Mom, I just needed to tell you something"
"What do you need honey?"
"Well, when babies are ready to come to our house your belly gets big and you get very tired"
LOL "That's right buddy, when mommy is busy making a new baby, she gets very tired" (why do we always end up speaking in 3rd person with our kids?)
"Well, so then you go the hospital and the doctor pulls the baby out and they come home with us"
"That's right kiddo"

"Mom, you know what?"
"What honey?"
"I just need to say that I love you so much! You are the best mom ever!" (That's what makes it all worth it right there!!!)


Emily said...

Better watch out. He's such a cute kid.