Thursday, March 13, 2008

Royalty on Ice

These are my two adorable kids all ready to head out the door to Disney Princess Wishes on Ice at the "Energy Solutions" Center a.k.a. Delta Center, as I know it. They were sooooo excited! Two favorite parts of the evening were 1) At intermission when we went to get some popcorn (yes I spoiled them, we went for ice cream afterward too) a little girl pointed at Collin and said, "Mommy, it's Prince Charming." He turned to her and said, "No, I'm the King." and 2) When Isabel saw all the other lovely little princesses running everywhere, she said, "oh mommy, all the princesses like me"! We had so much fun on our date. The three of us went to the show while daddy stayed home with baby G and was such a good sport. The two of them need to spend more time together 1 on 1 anyway. He did a great job and Gavin was so happy to see his brother and sister and mommy again when we got back. Love you little royal kiddos!


Nae said...

That is so fun I'm so jealous! I wish Hannah still was in love with the Princesses! But alas, she has grown up, and at 7, princesses are no longer nearly as neat. By the way, I needed to tell you about the Disney outlet, you should go before your trip and get fun stuff for cheap!

Emily said...

sooo freakin' cute. I'm glad you guys had fun!!