Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Little Sweet Potato!

His bib says it all, "Mom-I am so not into Green Beans"! I tried beans first and he was sort of interested at first, cause it was a new taste, but not so much. Next I got out the Sweet Potatoes, this was a favorite of Collin and Isabel. He downed the entire tupperware container!!! He loved every single bite. He would literally growl at me if I didn't shovel it in fast enough, and if there was any hint of me setting down the container, he was on it...he almost grabbed it several times. He had orange goo everywhere...including his hair, eyebrows, and yes--even in his left eye. He kept grabbing the spoon and shoving his fingers in his mouth with it, and then he'd smear it everywhere. It was fun times. We sure love our little wiggler...We'll call him Wiggles number 2!


Emily said...

Ya the sweet potatoes is the only thing Boston will eat more than one bite of and it's still not his favorite. I think we've got a picky eater on our hands. Gavin is so dang cute!!