Thursday, April 24, 2008

Snuggle with me Your Majesty!

So all three kids were really troopers the whole trip. We were in the car a ton, not only 3 hours each way, but we did a lot of fun offroading and some traveling between national and state parks and we got back to the hotel (yes hotel, no camping for me thanks, not with 3 little and dad, how did you do it, I'm a big wimp!) it was usually pretty late. But we did let them sleep in. The hotel provided a rollaway bed for Isabel and Collin and a Pack n play for Gavin. Then there were two double/queen? beds for the adults. These kids were sooooo cute. They were snuggled so close. We got several pics on multiple mornings. One time Isabel woke up next to Collin, snuggled closer, kissed his forehead, put her arm on his back, and went back to precious is that! At one point, the kids were playing together and I heard from my corner of the small hotel room: "no, I'm the king...when you bow to me, you say your majesty". Yes that was my Collin...and Isabel justed grinned and played along. Priceless!