Monday, October 13, 2008

Collin's Big Bedtime Chat

Tonight we went to Chick Fil A to support a family who is losing their 8 yr old son to leukemia. The doctors have done everything they can, but this sweet boy, Trent is at home to die now. If you want to donate, look up the number for the South Jordan Chick Fil A (at the District) and you can get the bank info to donate. His family needs help with medical bills and to fulfill a few last wishes for their sweet son. Anyway, before we pulled in the drive-thru, I explained to my kids why we were at a restaurant we wouldn't normally eat at, and they had never been to. I told Collin that a little boy was dying and that we were going to help his family with some money. He was so sweet, he asked, "will the money help him not die?" I told him no, but that it might help him have some fun with his family before he dies, and it will help his mommy and daddy pay for all the hospital bills. He told me "well, that's important." He then remembered his little friend Justin and how his daddy died and they put him in the ground. Then he said, "Don't worry mommy, he's in heaven now with Jesus, and Trent will be with Jesus too, and with daddy's sister Jody". I told him he was right and I was so proud of how well he understood everything. He was worried that Trent's mommy and daddy and family would be so sad. I told him we could pray for them. So after family night that's exactly what he did. There is no greater faith than that of a child's.

He later told me a story about a giant who got sick and died and his friends and family were so sad and they had to bury him in the ground, but that he couldn't come back alive because he was too big and would break heaven, but that Jesus would visit him. I couldn't help but giggle, but I think that Collin was really thinking hard about all that we had talked about earlier that day. He said that he didn't want any of his family to die until they were really old, even older than grandmas and grandpas, he said.

He then told me that he was smarter than Grandpa. Isabel asked him which grandpa, Grandpa King or Lange, and he said BOTH! I told him that maybe the grandpas knew more than him because they have lived a lot longer. He said, "no, I think I am much more smarter, but they're kinda smart, like you mommy"! Aren't kids the greatest!