Sunday, October 12, 2008

Collin's Big Number 5 Birthday Bash

We did a crazy thing and invited 11 boys to Collin's party, plus the parents of three of them from out of town, and the grandparents on both sides. However crazy, it was tons of fun and a huge success, if only a bit chaotic. The kids had a blast. It was a batman theme, as you'll see from the pictures. We started out with a rousing game of "Duck, Duck, Goose". Every time someone got tagged, especially if it wasn't her, Isabel got up and ran around the circle. Then when Collin finally tagged her Goose, she stayed sitting, very cute. The kids all loved chasing each other and the highlight was being "it". We then got out a pinata, which happened to be Lightning McQueen since we couldn't find a batman one, or a bat for that matter, but it was very cute. Jamie was very creative and used a garden hoe and a tie-down to dangle the pinata for the kids to hit. The kids loved it. None of them broke it open, (but Mommy managed to break the clip it was hanging from when she tried to "help" hit it with one of the kids) so we then pulled a bunch of ribbons from it, I guess the idea is that one of the ribbons pulls open a secret opening and the candy comes out. However, Mommy stuffed too much candy in the darn thing, and that didn't work either. In the end, Jamie just ripped it open, dumping all the candy out, and the kids went at it.
The next game was pin the shield onto Batman (see pictures). That was a hit too. Each kid had a bat logo with their name on it that they got to pin onto Batman's chest. On to the presents, totally cool gifts, then birthday boy blew out his candle (#5), and we ate the cake. My friend Alicia made these fabulous bat hats. Sooo much fun. I think that Collin was a very happy, very tired boy. He loved it! Happy birthday my big, tall boy! I love you so much!


Jenny and Jared said...

The party looks like the kids had a blast. What a good mom you are. I still crack up that Collin was so set on what he wanted for his party. :-) That makes it easy for you though! Your kids are so cute, and funny!