Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our Little Night Owl...Who? Who?

It's Isabel! She won't go to sleep these days. If I delay her nap at all, she is up forever at night. If I wake her up from her nap before she's ready, she's way cranky. She won't sleep in her own bed. I either have to lay on the floor by her toddler bed, or sometimes we compromise for me laying next to Collin in their room. Or she lays in our bed. The other night Jamie and I got desperate. We really wanted to watch a show together, but she wouldn't go to sleep and she was crawling all over us and asking a million questions like kids do. So finally we pulled out the secret weapon...dun dun dun The IPOD! She watched "My friends Tigger and Pooh" on Jamie's ipod with his huge headphones while we watched our show. So cute...really cute when you're not getting any sleep because a beautiful princess is the one waking you up instead of the one snoozing :) Any ideas how to get her to sleep in her own bed? I have used her sticker chart, other bribes, slept by her...she is crazy! She just wants to talk and laugh and needs a drink or to go potty a hundred times. I need ideas people!


Emily said...

That is so cute. Have you tried just putting her in her bed with the ipod? Will she fall asleep watching a cartoon?