Thursday, September 11, 2008

Six Little Known Facts About Holly

1. I love to plan! Whether it be a party, an outing, even cub scout pack meetings. I am, however the queen of procrastination, so I'm always madly and wildly running around like a rooster with my head cut off trying to make it perfect...because I'm also a perfectionist.

2. I love country music! Well, most of you probably know this by now. I have to set the record straight though. Some of you may think I only like it because Jamie does and it's always playing...which is partly true...he has great taste, neither of us like the twangy, I shot my dog and left my wife crap...but my love of country started when I worked at Granny's in Heber while I was in high school. We used to crank up the juke box while we closed (pretty much exclusively country music) and dance with the mops! :) My all time favorite was "Talkin bout men" Shania Twain baby!

3. I am scared of the dark...mostly when my husband isn't home...I can't go to sleep and I have to turn on all the lights if I have to go downstairs from my bedroom. I HATE going down in our basement by myself, even during the day. I guess I've read too many mystery books and watched too many forensic files.

4. I am an insomniac...well I sleep sometimes. It takes me FOREVER to get to sleep, but when I finally fall asleep I sleep hard. I am immune to alarm clocks, esp Jamie's 4am alarm. I completely ignore it, don't even hear him get up most of the time. My mom had to buy me an extra loud vibrating horrible alarm that my sisters who shared a room with me detested, just to get me to early morning seminary! LOL

5. I went to Lithuania on my mission, and yes I spoke Lithuanian...everyone always asks what language I spoke. Some missionaries spoke Russian, and my mission actually covered Estonia, Latvia and BelaRus as well. Since I've been home, yikes for 8 years now...BelaRus has been transfered to the Moscow South mission, and my mission is now called the Baltic misson. Lithuania is former Soviet Union, located above Poland and to the West of Russia. Huge culture shock people. I'll tell stories later if anyone happens to be interested.

6. My husband is known to sing "I Henry the 8th I am" to me to make me livid and thinks it's funny. Just so I know people are actually reading my blog and'll have to ask me to get the scoop on that one. LOL :)


Rob Lange said...

That is cool! So I'll take the bait...what's the Henry VIII story?


Julander Family said...

Okay here's proof we read, give the story!!!

Kings said...

Jamie's the 8th guy I kissed. He only kissed 3 girls. So he sings I Henry the VIII I am to bug me sometimes. He especially gets all bugged that I was engaged. I just say, well, I picked you!